black server racks on a room

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這個網站是在 Oracle Cloud 上的 VM 執行的. (請參考: https://blue.diary.tw/archives/5)

今天收到了一個 Oracle Cloud 的維護通知:

To maintain the security and reliability of your Compute Virtual Machine instances, the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Team will be performing maintenance on the infrastructure hosting the instance(s) listed in this notification.

At the time listed in this notification, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure will attempt to move your instance(s) to a different infrastructure through a reboot migration. It is recommended that you move your instance(s) before the time listed below.

Details related to affected instance(s), timing, and instructions on how to move your affected instance(s) can be found below.

OCI security & reliability updates must de be deployed to all systems at OCI, requiring this maintenance activity to occur without delay or rescheduling. If there is an emergency risk to your organization’s operations impacted by this maintenance, please contact customer support with the reference “Compute Security Updates” along with the CN number.

(fig.1 影響的主機)

根據上面的說明, 可以利用以下的方式進行遷移 (Reboot Migration):



登入了 Oracle cloud 介面後, 在對的 VM 上果然有個維護通知:

(fig.2 Maintenance reboot tag)


  1. 使用了 VM 主機 shutdown (在 running instance 裡), 並確認關機完成.
  2. 在 Oracle cloud 介面上, 對該 VM 主機進行 reboot 功能, 並打勾 force reboot, 如下圖:
(fig.3 reboot with force-reboot checked)

重開後, 果然在 fig.2 圖中的 Maintenance reboot: – 就沒有時間了, 也就是主機已在 reboot 後遷移完成了:

(fig.4 after reboot)

完成這次的手動 reboot migration.


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